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In order to prepare my body for the physical demands in front of me, I had to train extensively. Looking back, I think I could have trained more :)

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In The Beginning

Before starting my journey, my parents and I had to pick up the RV in Toronto and drive it to Newfoundland. This gave us a chance to see some of the terrain I would be facing on my way through Atlantic Canada.

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Newfoundland Begins

And so the Skate For Hope begins. I touched the Atlantic Ocean at Mile 0 in St. John's Newfoundland on May 4th, 2007 and headed towards the opposite end of the country. 10,000 kilometers to go!

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Newfoundland continues

The funny thing about Newfoundland is that it is much bigger than we realize! If I wasn't in shape before, this province was sure to condition me. For 2 weeks straight I was blading up hills, into the wind with rain or snow everyday!

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Nova Scotia

It was such a relief to arrive on the mainland. My parents and I had been pushed to our breaking points, but it felt great knowing that the worst was now behind us. Nova Scotia was sure to be a breeze!

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Prince Edward Island

After a short, but much-needed break in Halifax, I was cruising my way out to another Island. But this Prince Edward Island was sure to be more forgiving that Newfoundland, right?

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New Brunswick

As much as I wanted to skate across the Confederation Bridge, they wouldn't allow me. Nevertheless, I was back on the mainland again and working my way across New Brunswick. It was nice to finally see leaves on the trees!

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En Francais, S'il Vous Plait. I wasn't looking forward to skating through Quebec. I have heard many horror stories about the road conditions. But the roads weren't as bad as expected. The language barrier turned out to be the biggest obstacle.

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Ontario Begins

I moved away from Ontario when I finished University and I've never looked back. I've been home to visit, but I've never been so excited to see this province than when I rolled into Hawkesbury. Even in the rain, it was a great feeling.

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If I thought it was exciting arriving in Ontario, you can imagine the feeling I had when skating into my hometown of Kingston! And when I finally made it to Toronto, I was greeted by many friends and family!

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Ontario Continues

One thing was for sure... Ontario is one BIG province. With such a huge population, it was taking me forever to get around Southern Ontario. The excitement of being in this province was starting to run thin.

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Northern Ontario

I knew that the hills of Northern Ontario would be tough. But the black flies helped to motivate me to keep moving. After a month and a half, and having spent my birthday in the middle of nowhere, I finally reached the end of Ontario.

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Manitoba brought me flat ground and extreme heat. The day I arrive in Winnipeg, there was a Canadian record temperature set just south of the city. Over 50 degrees celcius! And I was skating in it!

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I came across some of the flattest, smoothest road so far! There was a section of highway that had just been paved and wasn't open to vehicles yet. 2 more borders to cross!

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With the Rockies now in sight, I made my way into Edmonton where I was invited on stage at the Edmonton Folk Festival.

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Alberta Continued

I rolled through Calgary and headed towards the base of the Rockies and the top of the Great Divide. I even had a chance to visit Olympic Park in Calgary.

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British Columbia

The final province! I could almost taste the end. Just a few major passes to climb and one more island stood in my way. The weather didn't seem to want to cooperate, either.

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British Columbia Goes On

Crystal surprised me at the top of the Coquihalla! She joined us in the RV for a couple days through the Lower Mainland and even got to skate with me for a while when we were in Victoria. It was weird arriving at Mile 0 and then continuing up the Island towards Nanaimo.

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The Finale

After arriving at Mile 0 and catching a ferry back to the mainland, I just had a few more kilometers to English Bay where I would finish the Skate For Hope. Adam, his brother, and Eugene flew out from Toronto to be there for my big moment.