July 20

July 20th, 2007

I felt unusually tired when my Dad woke me up this morning at 7:30. Did I get too much sleep? That often makes me feel sluggish. Was I getting sick? No, I felt ok. Oh I know what it was! My dad didn’t take into account the fact that we’d crossed the time zone, so it was actually only 6:30 am! I know you want me to get to Vancouver as soon as possible, Dad, but c’mon.


My morning routine and breakfast was interrupted unexpectedly by a terrifying sound. The soft, high-pitch hum of the deadly Northern Ontario mosquito. Apparently my efforts to kill them all last night were just in vain. However, I took this opportunity to create a new sport. I call it the Mosquito Minute. The rules are actually quite simple. Just kill as many mosquitos as you can in one minute. Then try to beat your previous score. You could also play against someone or in teams. but you can only use your hands to make the kill. This game proved to be too easy in Northern Ontario because on average, you can usually kill 4-5 mosquitos with one swat. And to be honest, the game is only fun for about 2 minutes. Then it starts to get annoying with the buzzing sound of the bugs and the blood splatters all over your hands.


The day was beginning pretty average. No big hills, no crazy weather, no unusual traffic. I hit a short construction zone but decided to just walk through the gravel on my blades since it was only about 20 feet long. I’d knocked of 55 km when I stopped for lunch. Not a bad morning at all!


I got a great e-mail in the afternoon from an inline skating magazine who ran an article on me. They sent me the link to the story. I really liked it since it was more of a Q & A style story rather than a typical newspaper article where they print whatever they feel is most relevant. Have a look:



I was also sent a link to an awesome video that my friend Julie made. Tres cool, Jewels!




The afternoon was as smooth as the morning. I passed a bunch more cyclists (I’ve lost count of how many I’ve seen now), and I’ve been told that I will soon catch up to another Walker in the next day. I ran into another patch of construction but was lucky enough that I was able to skate through the entire 12 km of it. There were some rough parts, but I persevered. Having analyzed the map during lunch, I figured that I should push to have a big day so I can get close to Dryden tomorrow (if not right in), which will allow me to reach Kenora on Monday. Ask and Ye shall receive. I stopped skating just outside of Ignace and just shy7 of 130 km. My second best day in terms of distance! That’s the equivalent of more than 3 rollerblade marathons!


We pulled into a campground called Davy Lake in Ignace. But we were turned away for the second time this week! It amazes me that some people refuse to waive a measly $30 fee for a cause as worthy as mine. I don’t think a $30 donation is much to ask for. Especially since I’m not even asking for $30 cash. All we really need is hydro so our food in the fridge won’t spoil.


Back to the Tempo truck stop we went where there was no trouble for us to plug our fridge in. My parents treated my to a special dinner in the restaurant. I had a burger and poutine. Ignace is an interesting place. A tornado ripped through here not long ago and the devastation is still very noticeable. You can clearly see where trees have been broken or up-rooted and building roofs have been mangled. It’s incredible what Mother Nature can do. When I think back to everything I’ve experienced since May 5th (Yes, even the blizzard), I consider myself very lucky. Knock on wood.



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