April 18

April 18th, 2007

It’s been an interesting and stressful last couple of days.


Monday morning started off with a distressed phone call from a family member who informed me they had serious concerns of colon cancer. Not the easiest way to start off the last week before I leave for Ontario.

However, blood tests indicated low hemoglobin which is a sign that there is not bleeding from the intestines. This was very relieving news. But a colonoscopy will still be performed to make sure. The last couple days have begun to look more promising. We’re now thinking the problem maybe gastro related.


Yesterday morning, I find an e-mail letting me know that my Grandmother had fallen on the weekend and broke her arm. The fall must have caused more damage than initially discovered. Yesterday she was taken to the hospital with fairly extensive bleeding. When she arrived at the hospital, she had no pulse. However, doctors were able to revive her. It looks like there was some internal damage caused by the fall. She is currently in the ICU. Unfortunately I don’t have many more details yet.


But on to more positive news. I met with the Weather Network yesterday at lunch for my first TV interview! It was fantastic! We spent most of the time getting footage of me skating around the Coal Harbour area. They told me the story should be played on May 1. They were going to put it on sooner, but decided it would likely be best to wait until just before I start.


A good friend of mine printed me some Skate For Hope t-shirts yesterday, too. They turned out amazing! I’ll post a picture of me wearing one soon. I’ve already had requests from people who want to buy one. I wasn’t really expecting people to want to buy them. I just wanted a few so I could wear them around town and promote the website. But if anyone does want one, please e-mail me. I don’t have a system in place for purchasing online, but I’ll see if I can work on it.


The weather is still a bit below seasonal here, but it’s still warm enough for me to wear shorts in the morning. The morning skates are still enjoyable. I just don’t like the 6am alarm clock. I think I may start around 7am once I get on the road.


I just want to say Thank You to Hostway.ca for finalizing my sponsorship contract.

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    sign me up for the t-shirt!

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