April 3

April 3rd, 2007

I probably should have posted an entry yesterday, but I got caught up in Prison Break. It should be nice being on the road for 5 months without television!


The last couple days have been so cold. I mentioned the hail on Sunday. Well, we got more hail on Sunday night. And yesterday was only about 5 degrees! I actually wore a toque this morning to train because it was only 2 degrees! But I’m not complaining. This is about as cold as it ever gets in Vancouver. And the local mountains got about 20 cm of snow over night. So spring skiing should be great right now!


On Sunday night, Crystal and I were just sitting down to enjoy a movie when our buildings fire alarm went off (again). I’ve never lived in a building with so many false alarms. Prior to this, people had been pulling the alarm on the 3rd floor, but surveillance cameras have now been installed. This time, we were really taking our time trying to decide if we should actually walk down the 16 flights of stairs. Then Crystal looked at me and said “do you smell something?”. I looked out into the hall and saw some light smoke beginning to accumulate. Decision made. We hurried downstairs and outside. Fortunately we found out that someone had dropped a cigarette butt down the garbage chute which resulted in a smoke-filled building. It was quickly taken care of, but the smell is still lingering in our halls. I think I’m going to start a petition to make our building completely smoke-free.

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