April 30

April 30th, 2007




We’re just leaving Quebec City. Last night we pulled off of highway 20 and found a gas station that let us park behind them and plug into their hydro for the night. It’s a good thing we had the heater, because the temperature really dropped during the night.

There’s still snow in piles and on the sides of the highway. I wonder how much snow Newfoundland still has?

It’s pouring rain now. We found 2 small leaks near the roof vents. For now we’re just catching the drips in a bucket, but when the rain stops we’ll try to patch them from the outside.




Well, we’ve stopped for the night in Sussex, NB.  We’re not too far out of Moncton now.  We’re ahead of schedule, so I’ve decide we’ll take a detour and drive through Fundy Bay Provincial Park tomorrow before catching the ferry to Newfoundland.

Not too much else to report other than lots of driving, rain and cold weather.  I’m looking forward to starting my skate.

I’ve added a few new pictures.  Right now you can find them under About Me -> Photos.  I’ll be changing it a bit so that there will be a link to the photos right from the home page.

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