April 5

April 5th, 2007

2 days in a row wearing shorts to train in the morning!! Today was great! It was 8 degrees by 6am. The rain that was supposed to hit us apparently took a sharp turn to the North. No rain in the forecast until Sunday now.


I rotated my wheels las tnight. I can’t believe how much they have worn down. I can only imagine how fast I’ll go through wheels when I’m on the road. I had to get used to the feel of my skates for a few minutes this morning. After you rotate your wheels, it’s amazing how you can feel the blades pulling your feet in a different direction than what you’re used to.


I potentially found another sponsor last night. This company may be willing to offer me free printing of posters to promote my Skate For Hope. I’ll be in touch with them over the next few days to see if we can come to an agreement. Keep your fingers crossed. If things come through, I’ll be able to start sending out professional posters to all the cities across Canada!


Last night I finally picked up a package that had been shipped to me from the University of Alberta. I now have official media handouts, general info sheets, pledge forms, return envelopes and a few other things. The school has provided great support. I hope everyone reads about the DCA Research going on up there. It’s some incredible stuff and I think we could all benefit by looking into it and donating (through me, of course).


I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard about Facebook by now. If you haven’t, look it up. It’s basically a simplified, but better, Myspace. Well I came across a guy named Rick Ralph in Toronto. I guess I’m not as unique as I think I am. But it turns out that Rick is short for Fredrick. So I’m back to feeling unique again. Rick is in the media business, so I’m hoping he can come through and set me up with some contacts in the GTA. Fingers crossed again!

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