August 20

August 21st, 2007

If I ever find that wise man that I was talking about yesterday, I’ll punch him right in the nose. When I rolled away from Canyon Hot Springs today, the rain was coming down harder than ever. Back to back rain days. Ugh. BC has now produced the most rain days of any other province next to Newfoundland! Hopefully BC will also produce the most donations! hint hint.


It didn’t take long for the water to start squishing between my toes. All my efforts to dry out my clothes and skates last night were obviously in vain. There was no point in fighting it now. I just had to accept the fact that I would be part amphibious today.


Other than a lunch break and grocery shopping in Revelstoke, the day was flowing along as smooth as the water running down the highway beside me. At one point, the rain subsided long enough for the pavement to semi-dry. But that doesn’t say much, because if you live in BC, you know that roads can dry in about 15 seconds. Nevertheless, this was a great opportunity to stop for a break at a Ghost Town called Three Valley. It was quite picturesque with a dark lake being guarded by 3 giant mountains. The woman in the souvenir shop had seen me on TV and had a bit of fun zinging my Dad with a few quirky remarks. I don’t think I’ll forget her, either. Especially since her parting words with us were “Now you’ll always remember Three Valley!”.


The drying asphalt quickly turned wet again as a heavy cloud reared it’s ugly face from behind a hilltop. Then I had to go through the Enchanted Forest, across the Sea of Swirly Twirly gum drops, and under the Lincoln tunnel. Oh wait, that was Will Ferrel from the movie ‘Elf’. But I did go past a place called the Enchanted Forest! I wasn’t much in the mood to stop, though. I just wanted to get to a campground and dry off.


Our emotions were running a bit too high today. Maybe it was the 2 days of rain. Maybe it’s the thin mountain air. Or maybe it’s just the fact that my parents and I have been couped up in an RV the size of a walk-in closet for nearly 3 months straight! We all needed a bit of a timeout to regain our composure and all gave our apologies. I guess that’s another great thing about having my parents as my team… we can argue and make up within minutes.


It was nearly quitting time for the day, but I wanted to get in a few extra kilometers so that my skate into Salmon Arm tomorrow would be easy. We came across a historical point which I have been waiting to see for months. The Last Spike. It was at this exact spot that the last spike was driven to complete the first trans Canada railway in 1885. The reason I’d been waiting to see this is because it is another place that I remember stopping 3 years ago when Crystal and I moved to Vancouver. It’s been fun seeing all the places we stopped at back then.


I continued on in the torrential downpour for another couple kilometers. All of a sudden, the rain stopped. Not only that, the pavement was instantly dry. It was like I had just skated through a door or under a canopy. It was obvious that this area hadn’t seen rain for hours. When we arrived at Cedar’s Campground not far from Sicamous, the woman working there confirmed our suspicions. They hadn’t had rain since the morning. Maybe it’s a sign of clear skies ahead! I got chatting with a family who had seen me on TV in Edmonton. The woman and her son later came by the RV to make a donation, as well. The boy, going into grade 7, is already so aware at such a young age of cancer and the need for help that he is in the process of growing his hair so he can shave it for cancer patients. It’s people like him who are the real hero’s.


With every stride, I can feel the finish line getting closer and closer. September 8th is quickly approaching. At this point I haven’t hit any large cities in BC, but I need everyone’s help to make the last 1000 kilometers the most successful. Please spread the word. Send out e-mails, tell your friends, and most importantly, mark September 8th on your calendars. I really want as many people as possible to come out and participate in my finale. Dust off the rollerblades or oil up the bicycles. How ever you want to roll through Vancouver with me is fine. Keep an eye on the website for the meeting location.

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