August 22

August 23rd, 2007

The warnings from locals continue to flood in. Sure, we’ve hit some bad and dangerous roads, but nothing that we haven’t been able to handle. This time the danger zone was the winding section of pavement leading into Chase. The quality of asphalt was hit and miss today. I would come across great areas and terrible parts. For some reason, anytime the road curved to the right, the surface is always extremely rough. I haven’t figured out why this is, but maybe it has something to do with the way the rain water rolls down the road.


The highway did start to weave and bend as it snaked it’s way around the base of the mountains and the shores of the river. But I was lucky enough that I always had a shoulder to roll on this time. Yesterday was far worse and scary.


Just before I made it to Chase, a television crew from Kamloops showed up. They took me through the typical interview and a bit of general skating footage. Then they wanted to get some shots of me skating while they drove in front of me. This is when my day got a bit interesting. As their SUV drove cautiously with the hazard lights flashing and the camera man hanging out of the back of the vehicle, a line of traffic was passing me on the left. No big deal. There was a passing lane at this point, anyway. Then a woman driving on old Ford Tempo decided to pull in front of me but behind the TV crew. At first I thought she just wanted her 15 seconds of fame, but I soon realized that she didn’t want to be there. Now she was stuck in front of me driving 15 km/h and trying to merge into the cars zooming past her at 90 km/h. The situation went from weird to hilarious when I noticed that the sound of her engine suddenly stopped. She stalled! I rolled past her in tears of laughter. I had to keep glancing back to see if my dad could get around her. But after 30 or 40 seconds, the woman managed to restart her car and continue on her way. I’m pretty sure the television crew will edit that entire part out. The crew was almost ready to leave when a car pulled over behind me to donate. The couple in the car had heard me on the radio and wanted to make a substantial donation. Oddly enough, their last name is the same last name of one of my best friend’s from high school. Rozon. But we chatted for a while and determined there was no relation. I hope to see you guys again at the finale!


It was pretty exciting for my parents when we made it to Chase. This little mountain town is the old stomping grounds of our friends, the Darnley’s. Although they only spent a year here, my parents thought it was amazing to be back and snap some photos to send back to Bruce. I don’t know if much has changed since you worked in Chase 27 years ago, Bruce. But I know there’s a new stop sign on the Main street now! There’s also a Subway restaurant in the Chase Plaza which provided us with lunch and also made a donation. The girls even let me come behind the counter for a picture!


The media attention I’m receiving is starting to grow. Today alone I had interviews with Vancouver, Merritt, Kamloops and Abbotsford stations and/or newspapers. The exposure has been great and will only get better as my finale approaches.


I don’t have to be into Kamloops until tomorrow, but I wanted to get a bit closer so that my blade into town would be easy. So I finished my day around Pritchard, BC, at a campground called Ponderosa Pines. Without hesitation, they offered us a site here for the night. Tomorrow I’ll only have about 40 km to Kamloops. Hope to see everyone at Boston Pizza tomorrow night!

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  1. Robert Werner Says:


    The first time I heard you on CKNW it was a little clip just after midnight. But the other day I heard you interviewed live (?) on the noon news hour!

    I’m hoping that the intense media coverage will dramatically increase the donations to you.

    Just stay safe & healthy and keep on rollin’!

    Rob W.

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