August 27

August 28th, 2007

I’m starting to get into a new pattern lately. Sleeping in. It’s a theme I could get used to! Realistically I could be in Vancouver in a day, but in order to arrive on schedule, I’ll be zig-zagging throughout the Lower Mainland with stops in Abbotsford, Mission, Langley, Surrey, and White Rock. Since the distance between cities isn’t very far, I’ve got some extra time on my hands so I can tie up some loose ends.


Today I spent the morning getting my journals published so all of you vultures can have your daily fix. So I’m now pretty much up to date, as are the photos. I hope everyone is still enjoying my chronicles. I haven’t had too many e-mails or messages lately, so I’m not sure if people are still following my progress.


I also had some time to re-organize and clean the RV. It was nice having a day with Crystal, but she’ll be joining us for almost an entire week while I’m on the Island. So I need to make some cupboard space for her. And word on the street is that she’s got a lot of new shoes and clothes since I left in April. Only one pair of shoes allowed in the RV, Crystal!


After lunch, we met Officer Kurt of the RCMP in Aggasiz who would be escorting me through Chilliwack to Earls restaurant. The weather has greatly improved, so I was able to cruise along the road and over the Fraser River with an enjoyable speed. It only took about an hour to go nearly 30 kilometers into town. These short days are quickly becoming my favorite part of my trip!


Earls restaurant graciously welcomed me into their establishment, even on such short notice. It was a bit stressful for us trying to arrange an alternative location after the owner of Boston Pizza in Chilliwack indicated they did not wish to accommodate me. I’m still a bit surprised that my journey is almost over and this was the first BP to refuse us. Nevertheless, Earls was a fantastic option! The staff were well informed of my arrival and management eagerly helped set up. And of course the food was fabulous! I’ve always been a fan of Earls, so it was a nice change for us.


Having John and Deb join us for the meal was also a great addition to our evening. I love my parents, but it’s nice having other people to converse with over dinner. Thanks for everything, John and Deb.

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  1. Danielle Says:

    It was nice meeting you yesterday. I was so surprised when I read your blog in the morning and it said you would be in Abbotsford that day. And then when I went to bp and you were in the parking lot! What a coincidence! I was just going to leave my donation at the restaurant.


  2. Alex Says:

    Hi Rich,
    Hard to believe you’re so close to the finish line!! Must have been great to be even briefly reunited with Crystal.

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