August 28

August 29th, 2007

Nearly 10,000 kilometers have been covered and not too much has changed. The RV needed some tending to. Fortunately today’s work wasn’t as serious as some of the repairs we’ve needed in the past. Kirkpatrick Auto Repair in Chilliwack donated an oil change and maintenance to help us on our way! Thanks guys. That will definitely put my Dad’s head at ease.


While the RV was being lubed, John showed up and insisted we all go out for some breakfast. Sounded good to me since it was only 8:00 am and I hadn’t had a bite to eat! I’ve become so accustomed to my traditional breakfast that I wasn’t sure what to order. But it didn’t take me long to find something I liked.


The rest of the morning was full of media calls, interviews, PR work and route mapping. I’m convinced now that blading for 6-8 hours a day is easier than all the extra leg work and calling that has to be done. I really don’t know how my parents and I managed to pull together such a successful campaign, but it’s satisfying to see our hard work paying off.


From Chilliwack to Abbotsford, I wound my way across several back roads to avoid the busy Trans Canada. I was worried that these roads would be in rough shape since they are all mainly farm roads. But they turned out to be impeccable! Traffic was quiet and respectful, the pavement felt like it had just been put down a year ago, and the weather was sunny and mild. I even took in a few hand-off donations from cars who must have heard me on the radio. Once I got through the Rockies and the torturous weather that was strewn upon me, I think the Weather Gods finally figured out that I cannot be beaten. They seemed to give in and have provided me with what looks to be an entire week of gorgeous summer weather. I guess I’m going to arrive in Vancouver just in time for the beginning of the Summer weather that failed to appear this year!


We showed up to Boston Pizza in Abbotsford a little earlier than expected. So we killed some time with some more phone calls and planning. While we were in the RV a woman came up with an envelope in her hand. Danielle had read about me on Facebook and knew I would be in the area today. She had gone out of her way to stop by and give me a beautiful card of encouragement and a wonderful donation. Thank you so much for your support Danielle!


Once inside the restaurant, we were back in our element and our typical evening routine began. The announcement went over well and several customers walked over to talk to me and donate. The night was a bit more memorable than others due to an unexpected visitor. Charlotte had received a phone call earlier in the day from my friend in Winnipeg, Randy. I had never met or even heard of Charlotte before now, but her and Randy have been long-time friends. When Randy told her what I was doing and that I was in Abbotsford, she actually left her son’s soccer game to come meet me! It takes a special person to realize that I am more important than their son! Only kidding. It was great to meet you, Charlotte. Thanks for stopping by to support me!


We decided to drive back to Chilliwack to spend one more night at John and Deb’s house. Their hospitality is just too good to ignore. But tomorrow night we’ll be staying near Mission so that I can get up and head for Langley the following day. I’ve now posted some maps of my exact routes on my homepage in case you haven’t seen them. I’ve also listed the remaining Boston Pizza appearances. I’ve said it before, but I’m going to continue mentioning it… Please come out on September 8th and join me on skates or even your bike for the last few kilometers of my journey.

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  1. Robert Werner Says:


    Perhaps it feels anticlimactic or maybe you feel like you’re in the military – ie. Hurry up and wait! Regardless, try to savour these last few days for they are indeed the precious final days of a remarkable achievement that you will remember for the rest of your life.

    I’m encouraging everyone I know in the GVRD (now called “Metro Vancouver”) to come out and cheer you on!


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