August 5

August 6th, 2007

Today marks the 3 month Anniversary of my start from St. John’s Newfoundland. And what better way to celebrate than to sleep in! My efforts from the last couple days have put me slightly ahead of where I thought I’d be, so there was no sense in rushing off this morning. Besides, we had some errands to run.


Diana had a fantastic pancake breakfast waiting for me when I walked into the house. I’ve got so used to my usual breakfast that I forgot how delicious other foods can be. By the time I finished eating, I had just enough time to get ready for an interview with Global TV. They came right to the house where they asked me some typical questions and took some footage of me skating around the street.


After doing our errands and having another great lunch served to us at Diana and Neil’s house, we finally headed out so I could get in a few kilometers before the sun went down. Just as I was leaving Saskatoon, Global TV showed up again to get some additional footage of me in action.


I didn’t have much expectations for distance today. I just wanted to get within range of The Battlefords for tomorrow. I was quite happy when I reached Radisson about 65 km out of Saskatoon. North Battleford is only 70 km away. Tomorrow should be a walk in the park.

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  1. MT Owens Says:

    Hey! Doesn’t look like it was a walk in the park today with all that wind! But you are probably only 2 hours from Lloyminster now! Good luck tonight at BP’s.. I’ve joined your group on facebook.. and letting as many of my Lloyd friends know so they can go to BP’s, or at least watch the news. We are routing for yah here in Sask, even though you are probably on your way out… BP’s is on the Alberta side. Haha..

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