August 7

August 9th, 2007

Winds are expected in the afternoon today, so I made yet another huge sacrifice. I got up early again. I know what you’re thinking. “That’s incredible, Rich! Skating all day long, AND you wake up early?!” But I assure you, I’ll be just fine. Heck, I know people that get up at 5 am just to go to work! It’s been working well for me to beat the Prairie winds by getting up and starting first thing in the morning. And today I had a goal of making it to Lloydminster.


My plan was working because I reached Maidstone by lunch time. I stopped at the Petro Pass on the West side of the town where I took a break and had a 15 minute nap. I never expected a gas station in Maidstone to be so eventful, though. The 2 girls working in the store were very encouraging and generous. I then had the chance to meet the Manager, Kelly, and her boys Drayson and Landon. We were in a gravel parking lot, so I was a bit surprised to see Drayson come trotting around the corner on a pair of rollerblades! I got a great picture with myself and the boys each holding one of my skates.


I was just getting ready to leave when the TV news crew from Lloydminster pulled into the parking lot. They had tracked me down for an interview which would be aired on CTV and CBC. Having a camera pointed at your face also helps with exposure. A few people who stopped by for fuel took notice of what was going on and made some donations. Like I said, It was an unexpected surprise in Maidstone.


Almost the second I began skating after lunch, the road turned to poor quality again. I wasn’t going to let it stop me, though. I pushed through the uncomfortable pain in my feet and made it to the edge of Lloydminster. Total distance on the day… 115km. What an amazing way to finish my blade through Saskatchewan. Weaver Park Campground graciously donated a site for us for the night. So I was able to have a hot shower before heading to Boston Pizza for dinner.


The border to Alberta runs down the 50th meridian and directly down a road in the middle of Lloydminster. Half of the city is in Saskatchewan and half is in Alberta. I’m still on the Saskatchewan side, but I’m looking forward to entering Alberta tomorrow. The roads of Saskatchewan haven’t been as bad as everyone told me they would be. But Everyone has also been telling me that as soon as I enter Alberta, the pavement becomes incredible. Look out Edmonton! I’m on my way!

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