July 11

July 11th, 2007

O, Draconian Devil,
Oh Lame Saint!
The weather Gods have returned and I’m pretty sure their working hand-in-hand with the Weather Devil now. Actually, I believe the Gods reappeared yesterday but made a error. The strong tail winds that I had all day were probably intend to be in my face. So today they are making up for their foolish mistake. Everything aligned this morning creating some of the worst conditions I have seen since leaving Newfoundland. The rain was beating down, the temperature had dropped significantly, the wind was blowing fiercely, and the road was pitted, rough and up hill. If any single one of these factors had been in my favour this morning, I would have been optimistic. But as it was, I was forced to battle the elements.


Realistically, the hills weren’t too bad. In fact, I was even treated to a couple nice down hill stretches. It’s just too bad the head wind prevented me from reaching my full potential on the slopes. By the time I stopped for lunch, I’d only finished 30 km. I wasn’t happy about the low number, but I tried to remind myself of the severe weather I’d been faced with all morning. And it was nice to see that the sun was trying to peak out now, too. While I was eating, 3 men came up to the RV to chat and make donations. Really nice guys. I hope they track my progress and help spread the word.


With my dry skates back on, I still struggled with the strong winds. But I finally arrived at a huge milestone that I’ve been waiting for. It was the halfway point of the Trans Canada Highway. Ironically, Crystal and I slept in our van in the parking lot where the monument sits when we drove across Canada 3 years ago. Although this point was only an estimate to be my halfway point, I can confidently say that I officially have less distance in front of me than behind.


We found a suitable stopping point for today at Pancake Bay (yes, that’s the real name). I think we picked this spot because there was a fantastic Trading Post that we bought some great souvenirs. However, I didn’t even complete 70 km on the day. I wasn’t physically fatigued, but the wind broke me down mentally pretty hard. I know I’ll make it through this province, but today Northern Ontario kicked my ass.


The Wild Rose campground a few kilometers back agreed to donate another site for us for the night. Now that the sun is shining, the evening is turning out to be quite enjoyable. I’ll have to stroll down to the beach and take a dip in Lake Superior.


We got settled in our site and started to prepare dinner when a woman came up to the motor home to say Hello. Victoria told us how she had seen us a few days ago before we reached the Soo. She was pretty happy to see us pull into the campground. She wanted to thank me for what I’m doing because she was going in to begin another round of chemotherapy tomorrow morning. I wish you all the best, Victoria.


My parents and I each have our own ‘babies’ to take care of in the evenings. My mom takes care of the dog. I take care of the website and my journal. And my dad has to care for the fridge. That’s right. The fridge. I’ve never seen a fridge that was as high maintenance as ours. I worked fine for the majority of our trip, but something is wrong with the thermostat now. The temperature will drop spontaneously below freezing. So my dad spends hours trying to readjust the settings. But nothing seems to work. Don’t worry dad, we’re over half way done now! The trip will be over in no time!

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  1. Diane O'Reilly Says:

    So sorry to hear about your bad weather, Rich. Have you any idea what 70km would do to most of us???? Give yourself a break, and enjoy the evening and relish the halfway point. Nice to see you are so caught up on the journal entries…they definitely paint an interesting picture. Great job! Soo News’ video was really good…thanks again Bev.

    It’s going down to 13c tonight in Brampton…hard to believe after such hot temperatures of the past couple of weeks. Oh well, can’t change things for which we have no control. Take care, talk soon. D

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