July 15

July 15th, 2007

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I have figured out one thing for sure. I can’t wait to get to Vancouver. Everyone complains about the rainy weather, but I’ll take the consistency of the West coast over the unpredictability of Ontario. In the last couple week, it’s been ridiculously hot, and insanely cold. It’s been horribly humid, and comfortably dry. It’s been raining, and sunny. It’s been unbelievably windy, and eerily calm. It’s been the worst road conditions, and the best. This is starting to sound like A Tale Of Two Cities.


My mom made a good point the other day. My journal is just that… a journal. More often than not, I tend to sugar-coat my frustrations. I think it’s important that people see the hardship and bad days I encounter in their entirety. Today was one of those days.


I know I’ve complained about bad weather or road conditions, but today was one of the most overall frustrating days to date. There was just nothing consistent about it. Sure, I managed to finish 95 km, but it wasn’t without a lot of screams and cursing. The pavement started rough, but got smooth. The weather started calm, but got windy. The sky started sunny, but couldn’t decided what to do. It rained on me 3 or 4 different times today. It’s so frustrating having to stop and change my skates and gear so often. There were hills and flat sections, but that’s to be expected in Northern Ontario. But all of the inconsistencies combined to make my day a living hell.


I wish I had something exciting I could embellish for you today, but unfortunately my day was packed full of nothing more than rollerblading. I left Marathon and didn’t see much sign of life until reaching Terrace Bay around dinner time. We stopped briefly for dinner at a restaurant called Drifters (I needed some greasy food to ease my frustrations) before tackling a final 15 kilometers and ending in Schreiber.


Tomorrow’s a new day and I’ll be in Thunder Bay in a couple days. Hopefully I’ll have a great reception at Boston Pizza on Wednesday night!

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  1. Diane O'R Says:

    Rich, if this was a private journal you would likely just say what you think without thinking. Since it is public, you are more careful how you say things, which for the most part is a good idea. You and your parents are doing something wonderful…..bad days are bad days, and you should be able to say you had a bad day. Maybe they should be writing a journal themselves. When you write the book from your journal notes, you can change what you need to change to make yourself feel better about your wording.

    Those of us who are reading your notes and following your journey are interested to know how you are doing and where you are. You knew it would be a tough trek when you first got started, but maybe didn’t realize just how tough it would be, and you are succeeding in your quest to help your friend.

    Take heart in the knowledge that you are helping a lot of people, fullfilling a dream for yourself, spending lots of time with your parents, seeing our beautiful country in a different way, meeting lots of interesting people, seeing some wild animals up close, and……. you are almost at the flat prairies.

    Have a great day, Rich.

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