July 19

July 20th, 2007

Today I was sent out of the city in true Thunder Bay style. With a sweet, moist Persian pastry hanging from my mouth. I met up with Rick and Hal who presented me with a box of these local delicacies for the long trek to Winnipeg. They’re sort of like a cinnamon roll, but kind of like a doughnut, and has pink frosting drizzled over the top. Let’s just say the box didn’t last until lunch. Thanks guys! Hal was hoping to skate with me out of town but unfortunately was in the process of moving into a new house so he just stopped by to wish me well and contribute.


It feels like yesterday when I was crossing the bridge into Hawkesbury and rolling across the roads of Ontario for the first time. And now here I am heading out from Thunder Bay on my final leg of this monstrous province. I’m less than a week away from Winnipeg!


There was a strong wind coming down from the North. The highway was basically straight but would alternate between westward and northward. Each time I turned West, I was able to pick up my speed and make up some ground. But when I was facing North, my speed was practically a crawl. By the time I stopped for lunch I’d only completed 40 kilometers. Not my best performance by any means. Made the Persians were holding me down. No worries, though. I had a secret recipe for the afternoon.


While we were breaking for lunch, a man came walking along the highway from the West. That’s right, walking. Bob Lewis had left Vancouver in April and was now coming into Thunder Bay. He and his wife are extraordinary people who left their lives behind and sold everything they owned so that Bob could walk the country. They have started the One Step Foundation (onestepfoundation.org) and hope to raise awareness for children and family safety. All the best, Bob.


I wasn’t too sure if I’d be able to make up for my rough morning start, but I had been given a special gift from Donna last night at Boston Pizza. A spicy perogie pizza! She warned me that it was very hot and that it may go right through me. Sure enough, I chowed it all down for lunch and it gave me an extra spring to my stride all afternoon! Maybe the spice boosted my energy, or maybe I was just trying to get to the nearest bathroom. Just kidding, Donna. I love spicy food, so it made for a great lunch. Whatever the case, I managed to finish the day with 98 km. I think I actually did 100 due to the variance of the old odometer in the RV.


The Savanne River Resort, a campground near Upsala, Ontario, provided us with a free site for the evening. And to make my day even better, I’d now crossed into the Central Time Zone. That means I’ll get an extra hour of sleep tonight! Now, if only I could find away to escape the mosquitos. I’ve never seen so many congregate in one place in my life. I must have killed at least 49 of them before falling asleep.

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