June 1

June 1st, 2007

It was nice to have my own room for a change, but I was really looking forward to getting started today. I was booked in to talk with two classes at Nashwaaksis Middle School in Fredericton and then I was to hurry across town to make an appearance at a graduation!


Nashwaaksis was a pretty amazing school. I was speaking to 2 separate grade 6 classes in the gymnasium. Their gym was as big as a university facility! There was an indoor track, a swimming pool and a hot tub! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to stick around to try the hot tub out. I was greeted at the school by Cynthia’s husband, OJ. He took me through the school to the gym where I setup for the first class. This was a unique presentation for me since time was limited and the students didn’t know I was coming. But it worked out great and I think the kids enjoyed meeting me. After one of my talks, a couple students, Greg and Jayden, actually came back and donated to my cause. Thanks guys!


Around 10:00am, Cynthia guided us through Fredericton to the graduation I was attending. This was no ordinary graduation ceremony, either. I was, once again, a ‘special guest’. They actually announced to everyone in attendance that there would be a slight change in the agenda in order to squeeze me in. I waited patiently at the back of the room while the graduates filed in and onto the stage. Once everyone was in their respective places, the valedictorian called me forward to accept a donation on behalf of the graduating class. I was met on stage by Will and another classmate, Emma, who each gave me an envelope. This may not sound like an overly exciting event, but it will forever remain in my memory because this was no ordinary graduating class. This was a daycare graduation at the Frederiction Regional Resource Centre for 3-year-old children who would soon be entering pre-school! The kids were fantastic and very entertaining. Will really kept everyone on their toes as he bounced around the stage almost uncontrollably. He’s a sweet boy, but a real wild child. This definitely provided me with a much needed comical relief.


When I left the graduation, Cynthia let me know about one more surprise she had for me. A local organic health food store was willing to donate a box of fresh food to me! So Cynthia took us over to Aura Natural Food Market. The women there had prepared a box of items which they figured would be suitable for me, and then also let me go through the store to grab a few additional items. Aura is one of the only stores of its kind in New Brunswick. I was pretty happy to find some of the brands that I recognize from Vancouver. I even noticed that they carried Vega products! I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, but Vega power bars and shakes are highly recommended by many nutritionists I have spoken to. I know Vega quite well since they are a Coguitlam-based (Vancouver) company who are providing me with some products during my endeavor.


It was now just about lunch time, so we had a quick bite before I laced up my skates and headed down highway #8 out of Fredericton. The conditions were still pretty good. I had to fight through a little bit of head wind, but I managed to reach Nackawic which is over 50 km west of Fredericton. My original estimates are looking pretty good. I’m still a bit ahead of what I expected, but I anticipate the rolling hills of New Brunswick and the rough roads of Quebec to slow me down a bit.



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  1. Cynthia Says:

    Hello Rich! I am glad you had a good time in Fredericton. The little girl’s name is Emma. Hopefully, the rest of your stay in NB is a good one and best of luck again on your journey! We will be in touch.

  2. Robert Werner Says:

    With great people like Cynthia helping you, I’m sure your campaign will grow to be a major success!

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