June 10

June 11th, 2007

I had no intentions of reaching Montreal today, but as we got rolling, I realized it was far more achievable than originally anticipated. A few locals had told us that Montreal was about 140 km from Trois Rivieres. But Patrick had told us that we were less than 100 km from the edge of the city!


Leading up to this point, I have been trying to calm my dad’s nerves about driving through Montreal. He was very concerned about the busy streets, the language barrier and rough roads. I suppose now would be the best time to let him know that the Montreal Grand Prix is on today. I could just hear the conversation:


“Uh, Dad? I know how worried you are about navigating your way through the busy streets of Montreal. And I don’t want to add to your concerns, but the Grand Prix is today. most of the roads will be closed. and the ones that are open will be packed with people trying to imitate the professional drivers. You can handle this, right?”


I think that is one conversation I didn’t want to have. To be completely honest, I had forgotten the Grand Prix was scheduled for today. But it was very obvious that going through the middle of the city was not going to be an option. There would be far too much traffic, closed streets and dangerous situations. It didn’t taking much thought to make the decision to keep slightly north of the city.


I was making surprisingly great time again. I had reached a town called Berthierville for lunch. The traffic was still thick and swarming with Harley’s. I’m starting to get the urge to go out and buy a bike! Not too far out of town a guy passed me on his Kawasaki speed bike with his girlfriend on the back. He revved his engines encouragingly, gave me a wave and sped off. He shot down the road and I watched the front wheel lift off the pavement as the bike stood up on it’s rear end. I’ve seen bikes pull wheelies before, but never with a girl on the back and doing 100km/hr! She must really love and trust him, or hate him.


One thing that has become entertaining throughout the province of Quebec has been the inaccurate mile signs. For example, I can recall one sign which read:


“Portneuf – 9 km

Deschambault – 25 km”


As I continued skating, I came across another sign 3 km from the previous. This sign read:


“Portneuf – 7 km

Deschambault – 20 km”


Now, I didn’t do to well in University Calculus, but I’m pretty sure my math isn’t that bad. Let’s walk through this. If Portneuf is 9 km away and I travel 3 km, then Portneuf should now be….. 6 km. And if Deschambault is 25 km away and I travel the same 3 km, the Deschambault should now be…. 22 km. So what am I missing?? Well, my head spun for a little while trying to figure out how the Quebecois calculate their distances, but I’ve long given up. Now it just makes me smile. Thank goodness for Mapquest!


Regardless of the mileage signs, I finished my day in the town of Saint-Lin-Laurentides. Once again, I had surpassed my own expectations to find that I had completed 103 km on the day! I’m a bit disappointed I couldn’t go through Montreal directly, but I’d be more disappointed if I was hit by a car or my dad had a heart attack from the traffic.

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  1. Kellee Says:

    Hey Rich. It’s great to keep up with your journal and read about all the different experiences on your journey. This is an amazing charity event, and I’ve made sure to pass it along to friends as well.

    Can’t wait to see you roll back into Vancouver!!

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