June 4

June 4th, 2007

I couldn’t help but be impressed with myself. I had successfully done what man has been trying to accomplish forever. I had gone back in time!


The clouds were threatening, but I think it was just the Weather Gods reminding me that they were not to be forgotten. I had just under 20 km to go before reaching the Quebec provincial border. I was a bit nervous because I have had very low expectations for the road quality in Quebec. So I decided to make the best of the remaining pavement in New Brunswick. I took off from Edmundston with a fury. A few rolling hills later and I was entering the fifth province of my journey. It was at that moment my unimaginable powers stopped and reversed the time continuum. I left Edmundston at 9:00 am and I had skated nearly 20 km in under an hour by the time I reached Quebec. But when I asked my parents what time it was, they indicated it was 5 to 9. I really did it! I had covered 20 km in negative 5 minutes!


The satisfaction of my achievement didn’t last long, though, because I realized we just crossed another time zone.


I spent only a moment at the border for a quick picture before turning to face the wrath of the Quebec roads. So far, the pavement has not been what I anticipated at all. Don’t get me wrong… they’ve been awful. But not what I was expecting. I almost feel like there are Quebec Road Gods who get pleasure out of teasing me. They present me with a wide, paved shoulder. They even coordinate with the Weather Gods to give me some tail wind. But the pavement was exceptionally pitted. It’s like trying to skate across a washboard. The vibrations resonate through my blades, into my feet, up my legs all the way to my head. It was so bad that I actually was hoping not to face any downhill stretches. The speed from the hills combined with the vibrations from the rough shoulder simply rattled my whole body so vigorously that my eyes shook and I could barely keep my legs from giving out.


As physically tough as the morning was, it was equally tough mentally. Thanks to the first 20 km and the time change, I was pleased to see that I had finished nearly 56 km by lunch. After some chow, I took a much needed nap to let my entire body recuperate.


I laced up after lunch with low expectations. Riviere-Du-Loup was about 60 km down the road, but I’d be satisfied if I could knock off 35-40 km. 14 kilometers later, the road still hadn’t improved, but the Road Gods thought it would be funny to have the Weather Gods dump some rain on me. So now I was fighting rough pavement, speeding traffic, the Appalachian foothills and rain. Maybe I hadn’t just stopped time. Maybe I had actually gone back in time a few weeks and was still on Newfoundland!


I finally came across a road sign that showed Riviere-Du-Loup to be only 23 km away. Was I really that close? The rain continued, but the pavement slowly improved as I neared the city. We made some quick calculations and realized I was only a few kilometers short of hitting 100 km for the day again! I finished the day very strong. We pulled off the highway into an Irving on the outskirts of Riviere-Du-Loup. Unbelievably, I had just completed my first 3-peat. Three days in a row of over 100 kilometers. And today’s distance was bitter sweet when I look back at the conditions I faced and will likely continue to face throughout this province.

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  1. Rosemary H. Says:

    Congradulations on entering your 5th province for the SKATE FOR HOPE, as you are doing what most humans cannot or don’t do.
    I feel proud reading your writings that you often mention NL.,weather,roads,etc. and i hope everyone treats you as good as NL.
    Say hi to mom and dad and be sure to remember dad on fathers day.
    Be safe.
    God bless.

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