March 10

March 10th, 2007

I was faced with another rainy day.  But today seemed different.  Maybe it was because I slept in?  Maybe it was because I went on a different route?  Who knows, but I really enjoyed the skate today!

I left my apartment and headed through Stanley Park (Lost Lagoon area).  When I reached Georgia St, I hopped on the sidewalk and followed the traffic through the park to the Lions Gate Bridge.  Once over the bridge, I headed into a neighbourhood near Park Royal.  Now it was time for a real work out!  Up and down a couple streets sure made me sweat (or maybe that was just the rain).  I’ve driven through the Rockies a few times and I think it’s safe to say that the roads, although much longer, are not nearly as steep as the hills I was on today!

Once I was content with my hill training for the day, it was back over the Lions Gate and through Stanley park to my apartment.  Round trip was roughly 25km.  Not too bad in the pouring rain.  And I was only out for about an hour an a half.

Hope it’s not this rainy tomorrow!

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