March 13

March 13th, 2007

Yesterday was just too nice not do train a bit more.

After work, I strapped on the blades and headed through Stanley Park and over the Lions Gate Bridge again.  I was just planning to go over the bridge and come back, but once I was in North Van, I couldn’t resist tackling a few hills!  The great thing about skating up some of those hills is that by the time I get back the the bridge, it feels like a little speed bump!

This morning was colder than normal.  I decided to do the Burrard Bridge loop today.  Along the seawall, around Science World, through Flase Creek under the Cambie and Granville bridges and back over the Burrard bridge into the Westend.

It’s supposed to rain later today, but tomorrow is looking good!

With a month and a half to go, I’m starting to feel the pressure.  I have a lot of great leads on sponsorship, but I have yet to have anyone commit.  I really need a vehicle, fuel and food.  Those are the biggest things I need at this point.

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