March 26

March 26th, 2007

Finally a gorgeous morning! Even though it’s a Monday, I’m in a great mood! I saw a beautiful sunrise as I bladed around False Creek today. And the rest of the week should be pretty decent weather, too!


Yesterday I skated out of downtown and headed south. It was a bit different blading along the sidewalks, weaving around pedestrians and stopping at so many red lights. But it was good practice for when I go through some major cities across Canada. I followed Main St until around 33rd, then cut over to Fraser St and went almost to Richmond. I didn’t cross the bridge, though. I took a break at a friends place before turning around and heading back home.


When I got home, Crystal wanted to go for a run. So I kept my skates on and went back out for another 10 km with her (this was more of a cool down for me, but it was too nice to stay inside yesterday).


I still prefer the morning rollerblading, though! The seawall is getting really busy which makes it tough to keep my speed up.

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