March 28

March 28th, 2007

The last couple days have been fantastic blading conditions! There has been a bit of wind which makes it a little tough, but it just forces me to work harder.


I just worked a half day yesterday since I had to go to a dreaded dentist appointment. It was my first time going to see this dentist. The clinic is actually a ‘dental spa’. It was a great experience. Everyone was exceptionally nice. I even had a mini massage just before the hygienist cleaned my teeth! The ladies working there seemed really enthusiastic about my plan to rollerblade across Canada. So I want to say “Hi and Thank you” to all the girls at the clinic!


My current blades are starting to feel a bit rough. I’ve been using them for the past 2 years so they are getting old. But they’ve really been taking a beating since I’ve been training in the rain. They still work great, but they are getting loud. I think it’s time for my bi-weekly wheel rotation.


Have you ever see the shoe covers that cyclers wear if the weather is wet? I was considering getting a pair of extra large covers and trying them on my skates. Think it would help keep the wet out on the rainy days?

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