March 29

March 29th, 2007

As I was skating this morning, a strange thought occurred to me. When I first began training a month ago, the weather was much more unstable. It seemed that I was blading every morning through the cold pouring rain. Now the weather is beautiful almost every morning. But the weird thing I’m noticing is that fewer people seem to be out running, walking or cycling in the mornings now than before when the weather was miserable. I’m beginning to think that maybe Vancouverites have become so adept to the rain that they actually prefer to be outside in it rather than the sun!


But then again, maybe it’s just a weird coincidence and actually has more to do with the daylight-savings.


I got a phone call from the editor of the St. John’s Telegram newspaper yesterday. I will be having an interview with a reporter early next week and hopefully running a story shortly after. This should be good to help generate some publicity in Newfoundland before I get out there!


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