May 10

May 10th, 2007

What a day! I’m just shy of half way across this Island!


This morning when I woke up, the clouds had rolled in. By the time I had my skates on and was ready to go, the rain had started. It’s a good thing I trained in North Vancouver, because the first half of today was just like that! A cool, drizzly rain with some pretty good sized hills.


I started feeling some pain in my right foot. There was a pressure point hitting a sensitive spot near my ankle. I had to stop a couple times to adjust my skates and re-tape my ankle. But I got it under control and it started feeling good again.


I got in touch with my feminine side today, too. Up until now, I have been wrapping my foot with a light gauze before taping. But the gauze was difficult to keep in place. Today I used my former Engineering abilities to come up with a new solution… panty hose! Simply brilliant! We picked up a few pairs of knee-high panty hose and I slipped them on very elegantly. I felt very sexy and sleek until I stepped out into the rain and reality set back in. But the hose did the trick.


When we reached Gander just after noon, another fantastic family was waiting for us with open arms. Bob and Kay Gover are the in-laws of Anjenett, who I worked with at Hostway. I’d never met Bob and Kay, but they quickly welcomed us in. They let me have a much needed shower and do some laundry. Then they surprised us with a magnificent meal! Unfortunately we couldn’t stay too long since I’d only covered about 40 km so far. So after a quick power nap, I had to say my goodbye’s.


At this point the sun had managed to fend off the clouds and the roads were once again dry. There was a bit of wind, but nothing like yesterday. The conditions were about as good as I could ask for, with the exception of a few hills and a breeze in my face. The weather allowed me to notch off an additional 40+ km in the afternoon. We decided to drive a bit north for the evening to Lewisporte since there wasn’t much else on the Trans-Canada where I left off.


All-in-all, a fantastic day after yesterday’s wind fiasco.



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