May 11

May 12th, 2007

Not a terribly eventful day. But I was definitely put through a mental test.


I laced up my second pair of skates for the first time this morning and decided it was time to break them in. As good as they were, they were no match for the wind slapping me in the face. I felt like I was trying to run under water. You know that feeling when every movement seems to take twice as much effort but only gives you 1/3 of the result. Well that pretty much sums up my entire day.


I managed to fight through the wind and reach Grand Falls-Windsor for lunch time. This is basically the halfway point of Newfoundland. It felt good to finally be here. If I had to rate the road quality and conditions throughout the province so far, Terra Nova Provincial Park would rank as number 1, and from Bishop Falls to Grand Falls-Windsor would rank the worst. The shoulder was rough, cracked, narrow and scattered with gravel. It was only about 20 km, but it was the most frustrating section so far.


After some food and another nap, I was ready to go battle the elements again. The road conditions had improved and the wind had slightly shifted. So, although I still had some head-wind, I felt much better.


I was planning to reach the town of Badger before turning in for the day. When I arrived in Badger, the road took a hard turn to the North. Now the wind was directly behind me. It was almost 5:30pm, but the wind was too good to resist. I decided to push on for a few extra minutes. With the wind pushing me along, I was able to get a few extra kilometers before calling it a day.


It was a mentally tough day, but I knew Newfoundland would test me. Looks like a cold rain is moving in for tomorrow, but I’m feeling good since I’m over half way across this island!

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