May 12

May 12th, 2007

This morning I woke up and felt like I was 5 years old… I was lying in a big wet puddle. Had I really just wet the bed?? With a sigh of relief, I determined the substance to simply be water. But where from? Well, the sound of rain on the roof quickly answered my question. My dad and I had thought we patched the leaky spot above my bed, but it rained pretty hard last night. So I guess the water found it’s way in. We’ll have to take another look when it dries out.


I was happy that I hadn’t wet the bed, but now the reality of skating in the rain was setting in. I actually don’t mind skating in rain. But I knew that the wind was blowing down form the North so it would be a cold wind directly in my face. Sure enough, as I got rolling, the rain and wind was fairly harsh. It wasn’t quite as bad as the previous wind I had faced, but it was definitely not going to be an easy day.


Nevertheless, my determination helped me get through nearly 50 km before lunch. We stopped in a little town called South Brook, just south of Springdale. Seemed like a good place for lunch and my daily nap.


When I woke, the weather looked promising. It was still misty, but not pouring. By the time I had my skates on and headed out for the afternoon, the skies opened and the rain came down again. I knew Newfoundland was going to be a test to my will, but this was getting ridiculous. Fortunately the wind subsided considerably making the skate much more enjoyable. With my favorite tunes playing on my Ipod, I was hauling down the TCH at a pretty good rate.


For those who know me well, I have a tendency to notice things that most people wouldn’t. Well, for some reason, I glanced over my right shoulder into a marshy wooded area. And there it was. Finally. A moose. So the Newfoundland people were right! There are moose on this island. The moose I saw was about 100 yards off the highway, but we could clearly see it. I’ll be sure to post the picture soon. I was beginning to think that moose only existed in fairy tales. But alas, there it was.


It was a good thing that we saw the moose, because the rest of the day was relatively uneventful. By the end of the day, I had managed to put 100 km behind me. I’m now about 70 km East of Deer Lake.


I just want to mention all the people who pass by and honk for me. Quite often I am not able to wave. Sometimes I don’t hear you, sometimes I’m just concentrating on my balance and need my hands. Whatever the case, the encouragement from everyone is very appreciated. And to everyone who literally stops on the highway to say ‘Hi’ or make a donation, thank you. You all give me the motivation to keep going and push through horrendous conditions. I love reading your e-mails and messages, too.

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