May 20

May 20th, 2007

Maybe it’s just because it’s the long weekend and everyone is out of town, but the last couple days have been rather quiet. I still get many honks from motorists, but since getting off the ferry in Nova Scotia, only one car has stopped to donate. I have had several donations from people in the evenings once I’m done skating for the day. But it really brightens my journey when people go out of their way to pull off the highway with a small donation to help find a cure for cancer. At one point today I thought I was going to get a car pull over, but they just slowed down to say Hi.


Right from daybreak, the sky was full of clouds and the rain fell lightly with no sign of letting up. I intended to skate about 40 km before resting for lunch, but a slight misjudgment with our maps resulted in me covering over 50 km in the morning. I had reached New Glasgow already. It was a long, wet haul, but since I completed so much ground, I decided to take a long lunch (and nap) and just skate a couple more hours in the afternoon. While I was sitting eating my soup and sandwich, our cell phone rang. It was CBC Radio. I got to do a live interview! It was short but sweet.


After lunch, the rain had stopped, but it was threatening to come again. So I skated hard to make sure I reached at least my 75 km for the day. Normally I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than 80 km, but I’m only a day and a half out of Halifax and I’m ahead of schedule. I should arrive mid-day on Tuesday.


I wish there was more to write about. I’m sure I could elaborate and drag this entry on for another page, but I think I’d rather just take the extra time to catch some more sleep.

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  1. Harry Marcotte Says:

    Hi Rich, just emailing to wish you lots of luck and good weather on your quest to Vancouver, you will have touched many hearts along the way, and through your unwaiving efforts many thousands will be helped. You are an inspiration to all and your legacy will live on for years to come, for you choose to say I have had enough, no more people should suffer with cancer, and I’am going to be the differance so that Canadian’s realizes how serious this is. and that Canada contributes along your way.

    best of Luck

    Harry & Suzie Marcotte

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