May 22

May 22nd, 2007

I was able to scout out my route for today’s skate since we had to drive back to the spot where I left off last night. It looked pretty good with the exception of a small construction area. The first 20 km of skating was great. Nice pavement with very little traffic. Before I knew it, I was only 10 km out of the city. We stopped at a gas bar for a quick break before finishing and I was surprised with a few donations from a sweet little old lady, as well as the gas station attendant. While we were stopped, I couldn’t help but notice that our cell phone was unusually busy. It was pretty obvious that the long weekend was over. The media was now starting to show a lot more interest. I received e-mails and phone calls from several radio stations, newspapers, and even television. I actually did my interview with the Halifax Chronicle-Herald on the phone while I was skating.


I then got an exciting e-mail from my friend, Trish. She was able to get in touch with a friend of hers who is a teacher at Sackville Heights Elementary school. She wanted me to come into her grade 4 class today! The timing was perfect! She wanted me to come in around 1:00 and I would be just arriving into the city at that time. So I changed my route slightly and skated to Old Sackville Road where the school was located. There I met Jackie Watson and her vivacious fourth graders. While I was in the school, another teacher approached me to let me know she had seen me a few days ago skating through Antigonish!


The reporter and photographer from the Chronicle-Herald came to the school to take some pictures and finish up the interview. The kids were fantastic. They seemed to enjoy listening to me speak and had a million questions and comments for me. The best part of the afternoon was when Jackie handed me a stack of ‘Good Luck’ cards made by each student in the class. It was a very touching and motivational gesture. I hope the kids will remember me as I remember them.


While all this was going on, my mom had stayed behind at Trish’s house in the city to get our laundry all done. It took her most of the day, but she was finishing up as we got back home. We spent a bit more time cleaning out the RV and preparing for the next leg of my adventure.


We spent this evening touring around Halifax with Trish as our personal chauffeur. It’s still pretty cold here, so we didn’t wander around too much. But we got to see some neat areas of the city. We went down around the Harbour, up through the Citadel and out past Dalhousie University. There’s quite a lot of interesting history in this old city. Tomorrow I’m scheduled to visit another school, meet with CBC television, and go check out Peggy’s Cove. After that, I’ll be ready to head towards PEI on Thursday morning. I hope to be there Saturday night.

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