May 23

May 24th, 2007

As I stood there gazing at the colourful old fishing boats, the pure tranquility of my surroundings gave me a renewed sense of pride. I live in the most diverse, beautiful and historic country.


It’s my first day off since starting this voyage and we drove to a tiny fishing village called Peggy’s Cove about 45 minutes from Halifax. The small inlet, the big white lighthouse and the amazingly preserved houses all had their own unique character and stories.


Before going to Peggy’s Cove, I had to first make a stop at Rockingham Elementary School in Halifax. My long-time friend, Trish (or Ms. Darnley, as the kids referred to her as), works there and had arranged to have me come speak to a couple of the classes. The grade 5 and 6’s were a great bunch of kids. They all showed a lot of interest and had some excellent questions for me. I knew this age group were getting into a stage of more social awareness because one little girl asked me “Do you miss hanging out with all your friends?” I explained to them that of course I do, but that I think it is more important to sacrifice a few months of my life to help make a difference. And I am fortunate to have the internet which makes communicating with everyone back home very easy. I could only imagine what it must have been like for someone like Terry Fox in 1980. When I was finished talking to the kids, a few of them hung around and donated a few dollars to help me out. I was even asked for my autograph! I just hope the rest of the country will follow the example set by these wonderful kids. If everyone were to donated a little change, we would all see a big change in the world. In fact, in order to reach my goal of $300,000, I only need 6,000 people to donate $50. That’s it. Less than a tank of gas. In a country with a population of over 30 million, there is no reason why I shouldn’t hit that mark.


Now it was off to Peggy’s Cove. I was fortunate to finally have a beautiful sunny day. Tourist season has not started yet, so we were able to witness the area in all its wonder without the hustle of other travelers. The little fishing shacks, the old boats, rock carvings, the lighthouse… it all contributes to make this tiny village as special as it is. I must have taken 100 photos, but I’ll be sure to post my favourites.


There is only one restaurant in Peggy’s Cove, and it is magnificent. The Sou’ Wester is only steps from the lighthouse and waterfront and offered some traditional seafood dishes. But what really made the experience memorable was the staff. They graciously took care of our bill, gathered a generous donation from the staff, and even gave me a few small souvenirs! It probably helped that an article printed in today’s Halifax Chronicle-Herald. The Sou’ Wester seemed very happy to have me there. And to make things even better, the people sitting at the table beside us caught wind of what I was doing and even made a donation as I was leaving. Things are really starting to heat up in the Halifax area and I have to leave tomorrow morning! I hope the good fortune follows us.


We drove back to Trish and Kyle’s house where we were greeted with another surprise… fresh lobster! My mom has been dying to get some fresh Atlantic lobster ever since we started our trip. We started cracking the shells and feasting on the delicious food. There was water and fragments flying all over the place. I even flung some lobster meat in Trish’s hair (by accident, of course).


As I was packing up the RV and getting prepared for the next day, a building inspector from the next door neighbour strolled over to chat. He told me about a bone marrow transplant he had endured a few years prior. He was very impressed with my desire to help battle against cancer and made an incredible donation. Sam from SafeGuard Home Inspections helped to make my last day in Halifax the most memorable day of all.


The rest of the evening we lounged around with Kyle’s cousin, Donald, and Kyle’s parents again. It was a nice relaxing night before having to lace up the skates tomorrow morning and heading north towards PEI.

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