May 24

May 24th, 2007

Having been to Peggy’s Cove with perfect weather, I woke up this morning to another cloudless day. As I stood there smiling, excited to get started on my way to PEI, I had a feeling that the Weather Gods had finally had enough. They had thrown absolutely everything at me that they could. And I had taken it. I had been beaten down, blown around and soaked. But they must know that I just won’t quit. The forecast for the Atlantic Provinces was for clear skies and warmer temperatures for the next few days. And by the time I was 30 km outside of Halifax, it started to rain. Unreal.


The first 30 km was fantastic! There was a slight breeze at my back and I was clocked at over 20 km/h for the majority of the leg. When the sprinkles started falling from the sky, I was determined to win this battle. I refused to change into my rain skates. The Weather Gods tried, and they threatened to open a faucet above me, but I held them off. The clouds remained for most of the day, but the sprinkles soon subsided and I continued making great time down the #2 highway to Truro.


Cars continued to honk with encouragement, and several people even mentioned that they remember seeing me when I came through here a few days before. I was skating along in deep concentration (well, maybe not that deep), when my 2-way radio crackled to life. I missed the first few words that my dad had said, but I was able to make out the word ‘money’. I glanced over my shoulder to see what he was talking about just as a car was passing by me. The passenger window was down and a sweet elderly woman had her entire arm hanging out with a bill clutched tightly in her fingers. It seemed like she wanted to hand it to me like a relay race. I reached out to take the donation from her, but the car accelerated slightly and sped past me. Was this some mean joke? Were they just taunting me? How could such an innocent looking couple be so devilish? Thankfully, it wasn’t as I suspected. The driver quickly realized his mistake and slowed so I could catch back up. We all chuckled as I thanked them and they drove away.


Coming into Truro, I remembered having skated past the Truro Daily News building. My dad made a quick call and had arranged to have a reporter meet us later tonight. But I knew we would be going directly past the building again, so when we got there, I just pulled into the parking lot and rolled inside to the receptionist. The reporter must not have realized I was so close, but she was appreciative that I did stop. I gave a quick interview and a few pictures before pushing on to get through Truro. The story should publish in the Truro Daily Newspaper this week.


I reached the other side of town and worked my way through a village called Bible Hill where cute little 5-year-old Mary had given me a donation a few days earlier. I finally arrived back at the Trans Canada Highway, at which point I had covered between 80 and 90 km today. There’s only 60 km to the PEI ferry from here, so I took the blades off here. The Weather Gods look like they want to toy with me a bit more right now, but the forecast for tomorrow is looking promising. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.



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  1. Sarah MacLean Says:

    Hi…Very exciting to read of your travels. I am “Mary’s” Mom. We met you in Valley (near Bible Hill). She’s actually 8 (soon to be 9). It did my heart good to hear her tell her older 2 brothers and sister about meeting you. She had the proof on my cell phone! I was wondering how you were going to manage on the Cobequid Pass (104 toll road) between Glenholme and the toll plaza. That road has narrow shoulders! I get dizzy thinking of how fast you must have been going down hill to the Mines Bass River Road underpass. It’s pretty steep.
    I can identify a wee bit with the rush of having a goal and raising funds for a cause. Years ago, when I lived on PEI, I rode a stationary bike at a local gym and mall for 3 days straight (except to pee)..(I think it was 7am to 11 pm) with a donation can to raise money for their first ever CAT SCAN at the local hospital. It was very gratifying. When I was in junior high my friends and I walked the “Miles for Millions” in Saint John, N.B. All day. I still remember the blisters!…all for a good cause. ….like yours. Be careful out there. smm

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