May 26

May 26th, 2007

With the RV getting the oil gauge replaced, my mom and I borrowed Bobby’s Explorer and headed down the coast of the Island to look around. We stopped at the Vineyard where my cousin was married 4 years ago (Sorry I missed the wedding, Gord and Kathy), saw some amazing old buildings and beautiful seashores with lighthouses. When we got back to Cooper’s Store around lunch, the RV was ready to go. So we grabbed a quick bite and headed off to Charlottetown.


I think I’m starting to figure out the Weather Gods. I think they’re a lot like politicians… Every province seems to have they’re own, they seem to have a warped sense of humour, there seems to be no inter-provincial unity and they’ll give you a little taste of the good life before using their power to knock you back down to reality. Today I was hoping to reach Charlottetown in about an hour and a half. Two hours later, I was fighting a head wind and had covered less than 20 kilometers. If I had to rank the wind, today would be in the top 3 worst winds to date. That’s pretty impressive considered the number of battles I had on Newfoundland.


Nevertheless, I slowly plowed on until finally reaching Stratford where Margaret and daughter, Carolyn, had driven out to meet me at the side of the road. It was fantastic to finally meet the woman who had given me so much without ever knowing me. Since I was ultimately headed to Margaret’s house, we just had a quick ‘Hello’ and I was off again. I didn’t have far to go now. As I came into the big city, a car pulled over to donate. Now I can say that someone had stopped their car to donate in every province I’d been through, thus far. And then something happened that I’ll never forget.


As I crossed the bridge into Charlottetown, a man drove passed me, honked, cursed and made an obscene gesture towards me. I was stunned. there were 2 lanes of traffic so I wasn’t slowing down any cars. He had plenty of room and no obvious reason to be upset. But as quickly as it happened, he was gone. Normally I would be very angry with such an encounter. But all I really felt now was pity. I couldn’t understand why someone could be so rude to another person who is trying to do something good. I feel sorry for that man for being so unaccepting of others. I can only hope he never develops cancer and has to rely on the research and help of others.


I skated through town to Margaret’s house to find another delicious surprise. Her sister, Maureen, had brought over a lobster feast for dinner! Nothing can compare to the East Coast hospitality and their lobster dinners.


Tomorrow I am taking the day off. I know it wasn’t long ago I took a day off in Halifax, but having struggled my way through 3 provinces and still remained ahead of schedule, I deserve it. I haven’t been to PEI since I was just a boy, so I’m going to take in as much as I can before heading to New Brunswick on Monday.

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  1. Kathy & Gord Says:

    Hey Rich, we just read your blog of your first day on PEI! Glad you got to meet my family and enjoyed some fresh lobster. Hope you enjoy your much-deserved day off!!
    Kathy & Gord

  2. Robert Werner Says:


    As best you can, shrug off the jerk. Sadly, I’ve come to realize that sooooo many people in this world are so wrapped up in their own little problems and selfishness to even think about taking a moment to be considerate of others. I used to want to change them all; nowadays I just try to change a few. But some, like this man, can never be helped.


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