May 27

May 28th, 2007

It feels like I just had a day off, but I’ve worked pretty hard to get where I am now, so I took another day to explorer PEI.


Margaret lent us her father’s car for the day so we wouldn’t have to fight through the streets of Charlottetown in the RV. I started the morning with a treat for my parents. They have sacrificed nearly as much as I have for the Skate For Hope, so I wanted to give them something I knew they’d love… I round of golf. We just did 9 holes in the morning because we wanted the afternoon to drive around the Island. We drove back to Eldon where Bobby Cooper recommended we try the Belfast Highlands course. It was pretty windy again, but the sky was clear and the backdrop for the course was spectacular. The lush, green fairways seemed to roll right into the ocean beside. With beautiful, bright red cliffs of sandstone towers above the water, the well-manicured greens were exactly what my parents needed for a break. I took a few pictures, but they just don’t do the scenery justice. I didn’t want to say anything, but I think it’s important that everyone knows that I beat my parents by at least 12 strokes. I’m lucky if I golf once a year, but I still managed to squeak out a respectable 46.


After the round, my folks wanted to drive over to North Rustico and Cavendish to show me where they have stayed in the past. We stopped at a few beaches where the contrast of white sand, red soil, green grass and blue water was incredible. We even found a wharf with ‘Richard’s Deep Sea Diving’. Unfortunately it wasn’t open on a Sunday, but I still got a picture.


As we were driving towards North Rustico, my parents began reminiscing about neighbours we used to have in Kingston when I was growing up. We had lost touch years ago, but my parents knew they had moved to PEI a few years back. They weren’t sure where on PEI, but they thought it was somewhere on the North-West area. Well, Jane Witheridge’s ears must have been burning. As we were just heading out of North Rustico, we passed a woman walking up the street. From the back seat of the car I heard my Dad say “That’s Jane!” What a small world. It really was her. We stopped and surprised her, but we could only stay and chat for a few minutes since we had to get back to Charlottetown for dinner plans.


It’s lobster season, so we’re treating ourselves to the delicacy as often as we can afford! This time, we had been told about a lobster dinner being put on by the Belfast Lions Club. This was going to be a true local experience. Just before pulling out of Margaret’s driveway again, her neighbour across the street strolled over to wish me well on my travels. It turns out he is an avid rollerblader and was very interested in the skates that I use. While we were standing there talking, his kids found their way across the street to meet me, as well. They even presented me with a donation. Thanks guys!


Then something unexpected happened (as if there hadn’t been enough surprises on this trip already). Margaret had managed to convince a local hotel to donate a room for me for the night! I was looking forward to this. My own room and a hot shower. Yeah, this would be nice.


We headed off to the lobster dinner at the Elementary School in Belfast. It really was a ‘locals’ experience. The gymnasium was full of people cracking open lobsters and mingling. After this, I think we should have our lobster fix for a while. When we leave PEI, I’ll be heading inland, so lobster won’t be as plentiful.


After dinner, I dropped my parents off at Bobby and Carolyn’s house where they would be staying with our dog for the night. I was pretty anxious to get to the hotel to relax for a while. Once I got there and had a much-anticipated shower, I took a walk around Charlottetown. It’s a very quiet city. Not much happening on a Sunday night. But I managed to find a pub that was open and seemed to be busy. I went inside for a drink and found everyone inside participating in a huge trivia game! I couldn’t really join in since I arrived half way through the game, but I whispered some answers to some people near me.


I headed back to the Dundee Arms Inn where my head hit the pillow on the king size bed and I was out like a light.

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