May 29

May 29th, 2007

Today I woke up knowing that I had a long haul in front of me. I first had to drive across the Confederation Bridge (unfortunately I was not able to convince them to allow me to skate across), then I had another 100 km to Moncton. And to make matters worse, I wouldn’t be able to get my skates on until almost 10:30 am.


Before leaving PEI, we had to pick up a few souvenirs, but the gift shops didn’t open until 9 am. At least this gave us an opportunity to sleep in a bit. Well, I tried to sleep in, but my dad seems to get up in time to wake the roosters. While we were browsing through the gift shops, I met a woman from North Bay, Ontario. She made a generous donation and told me that she had heard about me on TV back home! I was really surprised to hear that I had made TV in North Bay!


With postcard and gifts in hand, I hopped behind the wheel of the RV and headed to the toll booth for the bridge. I had to drive since dad feels a bit ‘uneasy’ driving on a road when you can’t see anything but water in the horizon. I jumped at the chance to drive. I thought that would be an amazing experience to drive across one of the longest bridges ever constructed. I’m also happy to say that the Confederation Bridge contributed to my campaign by waiving the toll for us!


Twenty minutes of driving finally got me over the bridge and onto the soils of New Brunswick. We pulled over for a quick photo and for me to lace up the blades. As I was getting ready, I few people stopped to ask where I was headed. As we got chatting and I told them ‘Vancouver’, 3 people told me they were from Victoria! I hope they remember me and come out when I get to Vancouver Island.


PEI was another very unique province. But it was nice to be back on the Mainland, yet again. As I headed down the TCH towards Port Elgin, the traffic was sparse, but I was still getting the occasional honk. One man even rolled his window down and leaned way out to applaud and cheer for me!


It seemed like a short morning since I didn’t get my skates on until after 10 am. I’d only covered 25 km when we stopped for lunch. I knew I had my work cut out for me in the afternoon. And I also knew I’d be facing the wind for the first 25 km after lunch. I don’t know if it was the adrenaline from being in a new province, or the fact that I had a day off in Charlottetown, but I felt great and was able to skate over 70 km between 2pm and 6 pm. I took a quick break near Shediac and did a radio interview with Melanie from Magic 104 in Moncton. My mom was also able to reach C103 and XL96.9 radio stations in Moncton who both asked me to come into the studios for a live interview in the evening! I was pretty excited when I heard this. Up until now, I’d only done phone interviews, and they were usually pre-recorded.


As I approached Moncton, the traffic got much more dense, but everyone was very courteous and many of them honked and waved. A few cops even passed me honking their horns! Just before I reached Magnetic Hill on the West side of Moncton, some heavy clouds began dusting me with some rain. It wasn’t too bad, but it was enough to convince me to quit for the day. So I hopped back in the RV and drove into town where we pulled into an ice cream shop called Mighty Scoop. They were happy to let us plug the RV into their electricity.


After dinner, we headed over to the radio studio where I did an interview with Matt from C103, and then with Shilo from XL96.9. Both guys were incredible and it turns out that Shilo is from Belleville (near my home town of Kingston)! It was my first time doing live radio, and they both made me feel very comfortable. I’ll be posting some pictures of my experience soon. Thanks for having me, guys!


There’s been a lot of fantastic development recently for my arrival in Fredericton. It looks like I’ll be having a reception at the Boston Pizza, I’ll have accommodation for my parents and myself, and I’ll have a few classes to meet. I’m looking forward to see how Fredericton welcomes me.



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  1. Crystal Says:

    Wow what a great day!! 🙂

  2. Matt Bonaparte Says:

    Nice work buddy!!! Sounds like you’re having quite the journey. So do you have any idea when you are gonna be hitting K-town?? I haven’t been able to get much together yet, but if you can give me an idea, I will still get something put together.

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