September 3

September 5th, 2007

I know I continue to mention the days when I’m able to sleep in. Well, today I took it to a whole new level! It was 9:30 am when I finally opened my eyes! The hardest part about sleeping in is trying to hold your pee so long. Since we were already on the Island, I knew I only had a few kilometers to skate to the Boston Pizza in Saanich, so there was no hurry to get moving today. As I started down Highway 17 towards the city, I was carrying a faster pace the normal. I figured my stamina is good enough to sprint a few kilometers. But when 10 km went by, then 11, 12, 13, 14, I started to get impatient. I even saw a Welcome To Victoria sign before I finally reached my destination.


When I rolled into the parking lot at Boston Pizza, I could see the facial expressions of the staff through the windows. I’m not sure if their eyes were wide with amazement and admiration, or if it was shock and concern since I was a few hours early. But we reassured them that we were just stopping in to drop off some posters and we’d be back for supper. Jess and the rest of the staff at the BP were all pumped to have me coming in. The atmosphere was exceptionally welcoming and energetic. They even took the time to create a small description sheet about me and put them up at every table in the restaurant. Another simple but effective idea. And another first, too. The balloons at our table was another nice touch, as well. I can only imagine the success we could have had across the country if every store had Jess running it!


Oceanside RV Park in Saanich is a brand new establishment and were thrilled to have us stay with them. By the time I got cleaned up and showered, the afternoon was fading away. It was already 3 pm and the sky wanted to rain. So rather than driving to Victoria to site-see, or going to Butchart Gardens, we went up to Sidney and walked around the Harbour area. The misty rain that was now falling really made me home sick. It felt like the typical Vancouver rain.


We headed back to Boston Pizza where the wide eyes of concern had now been replaced by genuine warm smiles to greet us. Jess and his wife truly went out of their way to make us feel like part of the family. They even invited their entire family in just for me! Actually, they were there to celebrate Jess’s mother’s birthday. But it was great to meet them all. And the highlight of the night was having A-Channel television show up for an interview. Jess had taken it upon himself to arrange to have the media stop by. I’ve done a lot of interviews and thankfully I’ve only had to watch myself on t.v. once. But I’m told I don’t look too foolish.


If may be the drizzly rain, or maybe it’s a false sensation of being at the end of my journey, but all four of us were pretty exhausted and crashed pretty early. I’m also excited because tomorrow marks a special day. It will be my first day with no skating since I left Niagara Falls! I think I’ve earned a day off to take in the local scenery. After all, I’ve busted my butt to this point getting myself ahead of schedule!

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