September 6

September 8th, 2007

I didn’t leave Langford today until nearly 10 am. Although I had the Malahat to climb, I figured that I only had 50 kilometers to Duncan. The Police had shown some concern with me being on the Malahat and had offered some suggestions to get through it safely. But when I look back at some of the ugly situations I’ve managed to work through, the Malahat doesn’t intimidate me.


Shortly after 11 am, I had come down Ice Cream Mountain through some narrow, winding roads and climbed my way to the summit of the Malahat. Other than an excessive amount of scattered stones on the shoulder, the road conditions were immaculate! The pavement was like new! However, I can see why there are so many accidents. The road could be treacherous if it was foggy or wet.


I coasted down easily into Duncan shortly after noon. After a visit at BP and lunch compliments of the Subway, we drove over to my parents’ friends house. Herb and Joyce used to own a cottage (or cabin, depending on which part of Canada you’re in) on the same road as ours. They welcomed us in with Joyce’s kindness and Herb’s thunderous laugh. Being avid travelers, I’m grateful they were around to allow us to indulge in the luxury of a clean hot shower!


I received an e-mail from a woman telling me about a Dragon Boat team near Duncan. Apparently the Dragon Diva’s, so they’re called, are a team comprised completely of breast cancer survivors! I was told that they were practicing today in Cowichan Bay and I should stop by to meet them. So Herb drove Crystal and I over to see them before going to BP for dinner. The women were a riot! So much energy. So much spirit. And so much love. Without even knowing too much about me, they greeted me happily and made amazing donations of their own. Thank you Dragon Divas. Good luck in Australia!


Herb and Joyce’s daughter, Laura, and her husband, Joel, also came up from Victoria for supper to show support. We were also joined by a few other of Herb and Joyce’s friends for our meal. The most ironic guests tonight would have to be Lisa. She had read about me and came to BP with her family just to meet me. The reason I say it was ironic is that Lisa works at the Empress Hotel in the Tea Room! Had my mom known this a couple days ago, she would have been in heaven! And speaking of the Empress Tea Room, I also received another e-mail telling me that my facts were inaccurate. Forgive me, Barb. Apparently when my Mom went for Tea 27 years ago, it was with my grandmother, Barb, and Barb’s children, Malc and Trish. Barb, did Malc still have a black eye from the Tonka Truck I threw at him when you took him to the Empress?


With only Duncan and Nanaimo Boston Pizza’s left on the tour, I wasn’t expecting to see any new tricks come out. But they managed to find another creative way to bring in donations in Duncan. The store had gift certificates for various vendors around town. For every donation of $3.00, customers would be entered in a draw. It was that simple! It worked amazingly! It was another incredibly successful night. Only one more BP to go, but I’ve been blown away by the response from the Islanders. I hope Nanaimo is ready for me!

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